The Sarcastic Nutritionist I About us | Funny Food Gifts

If you love food, sarcasm. and the occasional curse word, you’ll feel right at home here.*

Just like most great ideas, The Sarcastic Nutritionist, wasn’t planned. However, if you know Josh, it’s not hard to imagine he is the driving force and creative mastermind behind the company.

While working for a university’s community outreach program, Josh created social media and marketing content.  To learn more about the software he was using, he would practice creating memes at night. You’re probably thinking...holy shit Josh, you must be the life of the party!  Several dozen memes later - all focused on sarcastic nutrition - he posted a few on his social media feeds….but said to himself, “shit I don’t have many followers...what if I created a Facebook page dealing with nutrition in a sarcastic way?”

At the end of 2014 The Sarcastic Nutritionist Facebook page was created.

From there The Sarcastic Nutritionist became a side-business Josh created and perfected… with A LOT of trial and error. Finding the right products, creating the best way to make the products, determining what would make people laugh and what was too offensive. To say Josh has high expectations of himself and the products he hand makes would be underselling the fact. The next year was dedicated to formulating the mission, culture, and direction of the company.

Then there was the moment where Josh had to decide if he was going to jump on this rollercoaster or pull the emergency switch at the next hill. The company was growing, he and his wife had just moved, and while creating products was fun, Josh quickly realized he was creating a legit business and needed help.

A Facebook message and email exchange later, he reached out to Stephanie whom he knew from a previous community outreach program. With fingers crossed, they met for coffee and within a few weeks Stephanie was all in. Little did he know she had been watching The Sarcastic Nutritionist on social media for a while, so when Josh asked her to join the company it was a pretty easy yes. While the bulk of Stephanie’s work experience is in community nutrition education, she has a minor in business, half a MBA (sorry mom and dad!), comes from a family of entrepreneurs, and can whip up a mean excel sheet to track anything you need. From the moment she received her RD credentials over a decade ago, Stephanie has always done her own work on the side. However, with 3 young kids, she had cut her consulting hours to a minimum to stay home. That was, until the coffee meeting.

In the short months following, The Sarcastic Nutritionist has expanded its online presence, has shelf space in many local retailers, is partnering with several state dietetic associations, and continues to expand the breadth and depth of the products offered.

Though the company continues to grow, there are things at The Sarcastic Nutritionist that don't change:

  • Fun: When running a business it is all too easy to get wrapped up in the work and forget to laugh. Not so at TSN-HQ! We make it a priority to find fun in all we do, and we want to share that with our followers, customers, and everyone we meet.
  • Integrity: Or as Josh is often saying “karma”. We believe by holding ourselves to a high standard of integrity we show you how much we love this company and have put ourselves into creating something we can go home to our families and feel proud of creating.
  • Nutrition Education: While “Eat Healthy Shit” may be what you want to say to your friends or clients, you may not be able to in a formal work setting… so we do it for you! While the company is creating items for you to spread to foodie love and sarcasm, we are working to expand our company’s mission of truly educating while entertaining. We also have a soft spot for RD2Bs and our company has several things in the works to do that even more.
  • Quality Products: Creating something we know will look beautiful in your home, or that you can feel proud to give as a gift is something that makes our day. We often hear from customers how excited they are when they receive the item and we want to always know we did our best to deliver high-quality, unique, and clever products.

All of this to say, we feel so thankful that everyday we get to “work” at a business we are creating, and it never truly feels like work. We are thankful to our friends and families, to our retail clients, and to those who laugh (and cringe) along with us as we continue to find our way through this crazy ride! We will wrap it up by stealing a line from our intern: Eat healthy shit you dirty kumquat.

*unless you’re Josh’s mom, then you’ll get a phone call about once a week…. “Joshua! I saw Facebook… why do you have to use that language?!?!”