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What We've Learned ... So Far

Every day we experience ups and downs in this entrepreneur gig, often looking at each other to say “why is everything with TSN so intense!” But for real, why the intensity!? In my opinion, when you truly love and are passionate about your business, it crawls into your heart in a way that few things do. We grow all. the. time. and wanted to take a minute to share a few of our experiences, especially if you are eyeing the #entrepreneurlife.  

  • It is H-A-R-D. This is probably not a surprise but with so many apps, social media outlets, website platforms etc. It’s easy to think “with a few clicks I can do this, easy peasey, I have created a thing… let the people buy!” The thing is, we want to make it look easy but there’s so much grunt work and so many unpaid hours. It is not for the weary (or leery) but when it’s your thing, your gig, your passion, the payout is immeasurable.
  • You have to be committed to your people. When making a business, customer service is going to speak louder than anything. So even when you don’t want to refund that item, send a kind reply to the unkind person – suck it up buttercup. Customer service has to come first because this business world moves fast and when you don’t go above and beyond you get left behind.
  • When you meet Josh and I it is pretty clear we are wired exactly opposite. I (Stephanie) like protocols, end dates, and my favorite thing (outside of my kids) is my planner. I could never design anything or be as genuinely funny as Josh is able to on a daily basis. On the flip side, Josh thrives in creative chaos, and has an insane work ethic but his planner is pretty much blank. We work in totally different ways but at the end of the day we both trust the other 100%!
  • Get out! Running your own business can be very isolating. It’s you, your computer, and your product. So before you become feral and start questioning many life choices, find ways to connect with other entrepreneurs off-line. An added bonus is the wealth of information that is available out there if you just start looking. In news that will surprise no one, our dietetics degrees lacked in the business arena. We’ve had to make up some ground by finding some super smart people around us.
  • Protect yo-self. At TSN we believe if we put good out there, good will come back. One thing that always bothered me when I talked to other private practice or entrepreneur-types was the level of secrecy they operated under. It’s like if they said too much I’d take their idea and run. We are all about helping other entrepreneurs, answering questions, and pointing them in the right direction. However, know when you have a good thing (or are married to an attorney who will nag you about it… *cough* Stephanie’s hubby *cough*) …file for those TM, SM, Rs when needed.
  • Holidays may kill you. No, seriously. This was equal parts the best and worst time of our TSN careers. Online retail sales + November/December = working 20 hours a day & high stress. Know this. Use this. Hire help. Thank us later.
  • Hydrate. No matter what, when the entrepreneur bug hits, you can’t shake it. There will be long days where you miss lunch, and order $54 worth of hot dogs, because you need to get 82 coasters to Texas yesterday. And there will be times to celebrate, when you get off a phone call with a national company who wants to carry your stuff. As Josh’s wife, Gretchen, often exclaims when we are in the thick of if “everyone hydrate!”

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