Feed Your Soul...in S'mores? The History of the S'mores.

Ahh the delicious,incrediblyhealthy,  and nutritious feast that is: the S'more. It’s luxurious, chewy, gooey, and slightly crispy goodness makes every campfire complete. But who is the genius behind squishing a chocolate bar and some marshmallow between two Graham’s crackers? Let’s take a quick history lesson on this melted mess on a stick.

Let’s Hear It For The Girls?

The first recorded 'Some More' recipe was put to paper in a 1927 publication entitled:Tramping and Trailing with the Girls Scouts, by Loretta Scott Crew (Wonderopolis.org). The recipe cited 'Some Mores' as something the girls liked to make around the campfire, and since there doesn't seem to be any earlier written evidence of the sort, this is widely accepted as the birth of (contracted from Some Mores) S'mores. We aren’t so sure on this theory, and are actually more tempted by the controversial belief that S'mores just came from nowhere...They just always were and have always been. Just like the candy in that glass dish at your grandma’s house!

Or Maybe A Family Tradition?

There’s also an interesting little article on CakeSpy.com (no...it’s not a pornsite) about time travelling to find the inventor of the S'more and the unlikeness of the possibility. Assuming, of course, that time travel were possible; campfire recipes were traditionally passed down from family to family. It is highly likely that the Girl Scouts’ version was simply the first time anyone ever felt the need to record such common knowledge!

It’s a North American Thing!

These indulgent delights are even mentioned inNational Geographic. This is because of the very cultural/situational aspect to the humble S'more. Those living outside of the North American continent have no idea what a Graham cracker is, let alone a S'more. The majority of Europeans have never even tasted one, making it a local treat. FUN FACT: Graham crackers were named for a man, Reverend Sylvester Graham, who believed unhealthy diet led to sexual excess. He also warned that mustard and ketchup cause insanity, urged followers to drink only water, and recommended sleeping with one’s windows open regardless of the weather. HE SOUNDS FUN!

So, Who Do We Thank?

To conclude then; it seems nobody really knows where S'mores really came from. A few stories contain grains of truth I am sure, but we like the theory that the recipe was passed from father to son, mother to daughter, around the campsites of the wilds of America.

Wherever they came from, there is no denying that absolutely irreplaceable flavor and texture combination with anything else. Certainly not with anything else you can knock together in five minutes without even using an oven! So here's to the humble S'more; may its reign as King of the Campfire Snacks last for generations to come, and let us all sit down one day with our own grandchildren, and introduce them to Graham crackers with chocolate and marshmallow. Now does anyone have a wet-nap, I’ve got marshmallow all over me.

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